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I'm just peachy keen with the David Tlale spring 2015 collection

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the lady sitting next to me while I was getting my pedi chose peach for her nail color and I thought it looked perfect on her glowing Indian skin.  I have since been searching for a similar color for my nails and instantly fell in love when I spotted David Tlale spring 2015 collection on my IG feed!  Just brilliant!

It's back to school, it's time to dress up your gadgets and get all of that fun home office stuff we love!

Here are a few items I'm gushing over for my at home office right now:

Rose Gold iphone Case (on sale right now for less than $15!) by Adopted NYC

Rose Gold case for my MacBook Air finally!

I Am Very Busy Agenda by that is sold out...but, I'm stalking sites for it's return!  I love writing stuff down so this is perfect for moi:)

I love dressing up everything I own.  Why should it be basic??  And, seems to know what they are doing in this arena.  BAN.DO Back Me Up Mobile Charger $30

Who doesn't LOVE a pretty pen?  This is going to be in my stocking this year for sure;)

Copper Zirconium Nitride Bullet Space Pen $58

Can it get any better than a cute notebook??  I take notes all day long!  NAVA NOTES


I'm so sad and miss the fact that I can't wander the aisles of the Back to School area at Target...but, they have an entire section on the site dedicated to back to school and college!  Here are a few items that I'm wanting:)

These have always been my fave notebooks!

LOVE!  Does it get any better than these?:)  Target, I love you:)

I need some folders to get organized in my office actually:)  Boo, these aren't sold online!:(

And, sadly these aren't online either:(

Iggy Azalea + India in music video for Bounce

How am I just finding out about this Iggy video with an Indian theme!?  LOVE!

Here is an interview on about the styling of the video.

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My MOST DEFINED Wash and Go | Easy Technique - Naptural85

I learned a ton of tricks I am going to try one weekend!  Can't wait to see if it helps with keeping my hair a little longer:)