Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Adding this to my new shows to watch since PLL just had their season finale...I bet Scandal's is coming and Girls just had their Season Finale...I'm always grateful for new shows to watch since I can't flip through channels here;)  Also ready for Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The linen black blazer

I start back to a regular work week next month and all I can think about is professional attire and how to work it in with my eclectic attire and still be moi.  But, professional.

Today, I was inspired by a look I saw on Instagram with a dress from their past collection and just adding a blazer to it.  Voila a fabulous, pulled together look that is perfect for work in India.

Here are the options I'm checking on etsy:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

On my list: Black & White striped dress shirt a la Stella Jean

After watching a few Stella Jean interviews on youtube and checking out her past seasons I know I NEED a striped dress shirt in my life.  I did a search on rewardstyle and the first style to come up was in the men's section at Macy's by Alfani for ONLY $22!  It's a slim fit and I will be trying it as soon as I set foot in the states:)

Alfani Red Fitted Black and White Stripe Performance Dress Shirt

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gift Guide: The gifts that work for pretty much anyone...they are that good:)

This is a little something for everyone in your life that you haven't already seen everywhere:

I love the idea of not having to upload anything to view pics of things going on in your life!  Welcome, the modern and chic device that does just that!  Great digital picture frame for your home, grandparents, or anyone who loves to view pictures of what's going on.

Jord Wood Watch
Men and women alike love a timepiece and they are turning into trendy accessories that go beyond just a silver or gold band that tells time.  These are statement pieces that give a nod to the type of person wearing them.  Now, I love the Jord Wood Watch for just that.  It is a true statement with it's unique wooden band that leans toward the boho vibe, earthy type person in your life.  P.S. I spy a #rosegold style they did't have before!  This is NICE!:)

SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Speaker
Travel much?  This is perfect for a hotel room that doesn't offer a speaker to connect with your mobile phone or MP3 player to listen and get ready to while you are traveling.  Or, lets say while you are sitting at the beach or pool and want to share your jams:)  It's all done wirelessly via Bluetooth and I LOVE it!  It's small and convenient to carry on.  Water, dust and shock resistant.  Extra bonus...for every $50 spent with this company a $1 donation is given to Children's Cancer Association.

This is perfect for someone in your life that is all about working out!  These stay put and the sound is AMAZING!  They stay put even after an hour of full on sweating!:)

Mai Couture
These are the BEST blotting papers!  They are BRILLIANT!  You can use them for blotting bronzer on and getting a quick glow at the end of the day...or, of course to blot the sweat of your face:)  Plus, they have added bonuses like revitalizing blotters with lavender, or Vitamin A & E...or ones to help with acne!  They have it all!  These are perfect for a lady on the go...or just anyone really!  And, the wallet makes it a perfect gift or stocking stuffer!